You're NOT taking tax credits you've already earned!


Many of the low wage workers you're hiring regularly


make YOU



eligible to reduce your federal taxes by thousands every year!


The IRS is GIVING THEM to you,


you're just not taking them because you don't know how!

You're a successful business owner for a reason - you recognize opportunities and jump when it's time! 


And it's ALWAYS a good time to keep more of your hard earned money from the IRS! is a widely recognized expert in helping small business owners like you take advantage of the

Work Opportunity Tax Credit


In fact we helped owners like you save over $1,637,000 in the past 10 years!


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or WOTC for short, was approved by Congress to help YOU,




for hiring low wage workers and we can help you take advantage of this lucrative IRS program too!


This isn't another tax deduction, this is a dollar- for-dollar reduction in what you owe the IRS this year! If you're like our average client, and we get you $12,300 in savings, that's $12,300 you won't pay the IRS this year!


Applications must be made at the time of hire, but the problem is you're too damned busy running your business

to take the time to manage and keep up with this process!  



That's where we come in!


We take the entire burden off of your shoulders by...


  • We give you the customized forms (2) for each new hire to complete
  • We collect the forms from you 
  • We submit them to approval board
  • We follow-up with all details and other required info
  • We accumulate your certified approvals all year long
  • And then...
  • We deliver the completed package to you, along with all the IRS required documentation, that you hand to your tax professional and viola, they drop it on your return & you save ten's of thousands on your federal taxes for the year! 


The great news is other than a minor monthly processing fee, we only charge you when we deliver the credits to you.


That means if we don't secure any credits you owe us nothing!


For $57 a month we do all of the work for you, track all of the paperwork, handle all communications and deliver the goods to you at tax time. Once we deliver the package, and you reap the savings on your tax return,

we charge a 20% fee on the total amount you saved. 


Some of our clients save as much as $50,000 a year!


What could you do with an extra $50k instead of sending it to Uncle Sam?


There are two options to deploy this credit now:


A. Get the free video series, learn the details and fine points of the program, and implement it yourself, or...


B. Let manage this burdensome process for you. 


If you choose B we do all the work for you so can save these dollars without having an extra burden on you or your team!


Click above and we'll send you the FREE video series explaining how to take advantage of this tax credit,


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Unbelievable? Not according to our clients!

Our clients are always happy because they do very little and get A LOT!

Clint Guillot

Owner / assisted living

"We saved over $23,000 last year!"

“We've used WOTC with A2Z for several years now. Our new hires complete a form, we send it to them and we save money on our taxes. That simple!”

Brandon Trosclair

Owner / grocery chain

"It's like making an extra $40K each year!"

“As an owner of 4 grocery stores I'm too busy to do everything. WOTC with A2Z manages the WOTC process for us and we save over $40K annually!”

3 Big Ways to Save

There are more categories of new hires that may qualify, but there are three common types that can

save you THOUSANDS each year!


And there's no limit to how much you can save each year!  

Work Release

Work release workers, or x-felons hired within one year of release, qualify you for as much as $2,400 per employee hired!


Most veteran hired will qualify you for at least $2,400. Under some circumstances they will qualify you for as much as $9,600!

SNAP Recipients

SNAP recipients (food stamps) hired also qualify you for as much as $2,400 per employee hired!