Employers of low wage workers!

You're already hiring the people that qualify you for tens of thousands in tax credits every year!

I'm just like you ,a small business owner that 

hates paying taxes!


The IRS wants to help you keep more of YOUR MONEY 

where it belongs - IN YOUR WALLET!


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit pays you, the business owner, for hiring certain targeted workers & there's no limit to how much you can save!

  • SNAP Benefit Recipients

    Many of the low wage workers you hire are SNAP benefit recipients, commonly known as "food stamps". Hiring these folks can get you as much as $2,400 per hire! That's each and every person you hire getting SNAP putting $2,400 in your pocket! 

  • Veterans - Hiring Heroes

    Hiring a veteran means you employ an American hero, and you'll get a squared away employee not afraid of work! Veteran's unemployed for more than 4 weeks, or on SNAP, can net you $2,400! Hiring a hero within one year of active duty gets you $4,800! Hiring a hero unemployed for 6 months can earn you as much as $5,600 and if they are designated disabled by the VA they could get you as much as $9,600

  • X-Felons/Work release

    When you hire x-felons trying to re-enter the work world (within one year of release) you will be eligible for up to $2,400 per new employee. The same applies to work release employees. 

  • There's More...

    There are more categories, and more "i's to dot and t's to cross" before you can take these credits, but if you'll click below we'll send you a FREE video series explaining how you, the business owner, can save thousands with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit!